I’m Emily. My family homesteads and raises a large percentage of our own food. We’ve had a lot of people ask us about how they can do the same. So, we’ve been creating Homesteadingedu. The website will be offering classes on homesteading, whether you live in the country or live in the city. We will be creating a number of classes ranging from care of livestock, gardening, yogurt making, probiotics creating, vermaculture and many more classes. The blog we have here will give some insight into life on a homesteading farm and may give you ideas on how you can help yourself save some money and eat so much better. If you have any questions, at any point, feel free to ask!

Our website is: http://www.homesteadingedu.com

There are even more blog posts written by guest homesteaders and our main homesteaders on our regular website.

In short, we are a homesteading site devoted to educating the public about the basics and finer points of homesteading, from beginning to end.

Our mission is to help you in  learning to live a healthy and wholesome life through Resiliency, Mentoring, Community, and Simplicity

Commando guarding
One of the Anatolian crosses doing what livestock guardian dogs love to do! He watches everything.



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