A New Discovery

A New Discovery

Hey all,

I try to keep a lifestyle of learning, and recently I learned something through an online class which I then tried with the Homesteadingedu web page. The class had me use the Safari app to add their website to my phone as an icon kinda like having an app. It keeps their class at my fingertips which is a good thing considering how much I’m usually up to.

It also works with our website, Homesteadingedu. The way you do this is:

1. Open the Safari app. Get it if you don’t have it.

2. Type in http://www.homesteadingedu.com

3. There is a little box with an arrow sticking out of it at the bottom of your Safari app. If you click on that, it will give you a bunch of choices.

Pick add to home screen.

You’ll get this screen on your phone:

Click add.

After you add, you’ll see an icon like this on your phone.

Now that you have that icon, you can convienantly visit the blogs of all the other homesteaders of different ages and experiences, plus you can take classes from your phone if you want. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. Some of our other bloggers tell some fascinating old time stories in their blogs on that site.

If you don’t have an IPhone, I would recommend using google chrome on your android.

After you type in the website, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. It will open this.

As with Safari, select Add to Home Page.

There you are! A quick icon to check in on our site and see all the fun stories being told there. Like I said before, we also have a variety of cool classes available and more of those on the way.

Homestead in Health Ya’ll!



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