5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful I Can Homestead

5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful That I Can Homestead

Hi All,

I’m a little late on my Thanksgiving post because we had some delightful company over for Thanksgiving. But, I’m back for this week. I wanted to share with you some reasons why I’m so glad I get to homestead:

1. I eat better. One of the things that I’ve always loved about homesteading is that I know exactly what was fed to the animals that I eat. I know exactly what medications they’ve had and what illnesses if any that they had. I know what was used to fertilize the fields where my food is grown, and I know for fact that it was earth friendly. Nothing like goat and horse manure for the garden after it has properly decomposed. As a matter of fact, goat manure can even be used fresh because it’s a gentle manure on crops.

2. Exercise is much more enjoyable. When you are hauling manure, and you are helping animals that you care about and are raising for food, exercise becomes much more pleasant. Now, there is a mindest that you have to have about them though when you raise them for food. Yes, you care about them. But, you have to be careful not to let them become pets. They are livestock, not pets. That said, there is a lot of relaxation and pleasure in caring for them. It is also very peaceful working out in the garden or gathering wood.

3. It is a peaceful lifestyle. As a homesteader, I’m regularly doing things that while they count as work, I find that work peaceful and relaxing. There’s a sense of peace and calm out in the barn, whether you are watching a doe who looks like she might kid, or you are just taking care of the animals.

4. I’m never bored. There is always something that I can be doing. Working around family and the animals can be fun. For example, this winter, my mom and I will be building new shelters for some of the animals. It’ll be a team project. Then too, the more you hang out with your animals,the better you know them and the earlier you’ll recognize if one of them is starting to get sick. The sooner you know, the faster you can get them better.

5. It’s a healthy lifestyle. I have a balanced combination of food, work, rest, and friendships. The work is generally enjoyable, and we eat better because we raise most of our own food. We are forever learning new things, and so even our brains get exercised. We have made many friends along the way who are also homesteaders.

I could go on more on things that I love about homesteading, but I think I’ll save that for a future post.What are you thankful for this year?

Until next time,

Homestead in health ya’ll!



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