The Good Snake


The Good Snake

I am not a fan of snakes. But even I have to admit there are good snakes, and I am working on overcoming the fear of snakes. A few weeks ago we spotted one on the farm that was a very good snake. Then, last week my dad spotted it again. He wanted me to share what he wrote about the snake. Here is his article on the good snake.

Last weekend we were cutting up a downed tree in our yard. It was more than an all day job. After taking a lunch break, I went back outside and my heart sank as I observed this snake in the grass. No, I wasn’t at all upset at seeing a speckled king snake. They’re very beneficial and not at all dangerous. But at first glance, I thought someone had cut off its head! The body was moving, yet, try as I might, I couldn’t locate the head!


I got right down close and poked it. The snake’s body moved as if sentient. Then, suddenly the head popped up and he/she glared at me in a “snakey sort of a way.”

king snake

It turns out that this little beauty was busy hunting moles! Within a few moments it stuck its head back down in the mole hole and started looking again! I had never before observed this activity. I was, however, confirmed in my pleasure at finding a live king snake on my place!

Most people who like king snakes say that they eat venomous snakes. They might eat some of the babies. I believe they’d starve to death if that was all they ate. It’s even better news to know that they eat rodents!

Under certain light conditions, the speckled king snake looks almost blue, due to the yellow spots. It is, indeed, a beautiful animal; and, impossible to confuse with any other snake in the wild. Since it is both harmless and beneficial, we should always welcome it in our yards and gardens!

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