This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Chicks

IMG_0848This year, we are revamping our buckeye flock. The flock that we have been keeping has learned to roost in the trees and has been brought up sleeping outside their coop. We decided that the easier way to transition birds to sleeping inside would be to sell the older birds and hatch babies.

Right now is hatching time.  We’ve had our new flock hatch out.

When they are full grown these babies will be wonderful meat and layer birds. The reason why we chose to raise chicks instead of training the older birds is because with the babies, we will spent less time working on their training. Our older girls are more set in their ways. When they went to new homes, the new homes could create new habits because they were now in a different environment, not like what they were used to.

Buckeye hens and rooster



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