Ewe won’t believe this


Ewe Won’t Believe This

Most of you who follow my blog probably remember this little guy who the dog brought home during really cold and nasty weather. His name is Bucky and he is a little Katahdin ram.

We used to keep Shetland/Merino crosses because we love to work wool. The trouble was that because we have several jobs going, we don’t have time to keep up on spinning and using all of their wool. However, we love sheep! They graze a different section of the grasses and weeds than our goats, horses or calf do, plus they are delicious when they are cooked correctly.

We hadn’t been planning on more sheep any time too soon because of our literal wool gathering habit. That all changed when Commando showed up with his *ahem* present.


We had to then locate the lamb’s owner( which wasn’t a super easy task) and offer to buy the lamb. Fast forward a few months. Being a Katahdin, Bucky won’t require shearing because he has hair. Then there is the fact that we bottle raised him so he is super sweet and friendly.

Yup! We have officially fallen in love with him. He stays as a breeder. So, yesterday, we acquired two something specials.


Yup! We got Bucky a couple of girlfriends. We are officially back in sheep. They aren’t as tame as Bucky. As a matter of fact, we had an attempted get away today. Thankfully my dad and I were able to bring our stray lambs home.





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