How to learn homesteading without losing your mind


Homesteading is a wonderful and sometimes complicated thing to know how to do. There are so many things to learn! We learned it the hard way. Over decades, we learned how to garden, as my great grandparents did during the depression years in America. My father began learning to raise chickens as a boy and he honed his skill as he grew up.


Later, when we were living in the mountains in Mexico, he learned how to raise rabbits for meat to help the people there provide themselves with much needed protein. When I was 14, we moved back to America. We had to learn how to garden in the soil of the high desert of central Mexico where I lived from 7-14 years old, the cold rain forest type climate we lived in until I was 6 years old and later, the pine barrens of New Jersey with it’s sandy loam. Now, we are gardening in Oklahoma.

When we moved to Oklahoma, we got into dairy goats. This was a huge jump for us. Goats don’t lay eggs obviously so learning to deal with kidding was going to be a huge task. Fortunately for us, since we were determined to become more self sufficient, we were able to find a mentor for learning to raise goats. Later, we also branched out into raising our own beef, and wool on the homestead.

Each thing that we have learned is wonderful. But there can be a steep learning curve. You need to find or get a good mentor if you want to be successful raising a significant portion of your own food.

But, I have some very good news for those of you who want to learn, but have not been successful at finding a mentor. Homesteadingedu launches tomorrow. Our website is and we will mentor you in all the things we know. We can teach you everything that I’ve previously mentioned plus things like making your own yogurt from store bought milk and making a yogurt start without having to buy any yogurt. We have many many classes coming up on our website.

Home made goats cheese

It’s Affordable
Our classes are $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Tomorrow is when we start the first few of our classes and more will be regularly getting added. Learning to homesetead without a mentor can be very time consuming and difficult.  Come join us, and make homesteading easier for yourself!



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