The newest bottle baby


This is Brisket. As I mentioned two days ago, aside from the lamb and the kids, we’ve acquired a calf. Last November, we had just sent our steer off to the butcher and with all of the new kids arrivals, our does are giving a lot of milk. I was browsing on facebook close to a week ago, when I ran across an ad for a 2 week old bull calf.

Perfect age for bottle feeding! He was at a decent price, so my dad and I drove to the dairy farm that this little guy was born at, and picked him up. He is so small that we brought him home in the back of a pickup truck in a extra large dog crate. He is mostly Holstein with a little bit of Jersey in him. Usually, beef bred is better beef but we won’t turn our noses up on a dairy calf. Especially one with Jersey in it. Those tend to be great eating when they reach two years old. We have found that by two, they are big enough to eat.


When you get a bottle calf, if you have goats, you will need to dilute the goats milk because cows milk isn’t quite as rich. Goats milk can scour a calf if given to them as is. (Scour is a bad case of diarrhea and can be deadly.)

5 thoughts on “The newest bottle baby

    1. It was hard to start with, but something we have learned over time is that cattle are cute as babies, but not always as friendly as adults. Also, when we buy one to raise to eat, we work very hard to not let ourselves become too emotionally attached. You feed him, pet him, and let him go play. You don’t allow yourself to turn him into a pet. Then, while it can sometimes still be difficult when they hit adulthood, it is less likely that it will be difficult to send him off to be butchered. Plus, it helps that we know the people who run our processing plant, and know that the animals die quickly and without knowing what hit them.


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