Persisting through imperfection


As someone who always likes to have something new to learn or do, I love homesteading and craft projects. One of the things that I think I’ve mentioned before, is the fact that I am learning to spin and learning to knit. Something that I’ve noticed though is that people seem to often be intimidated and choose not to try to learn because their project might not look perfect.

Please, give things a try anyway. True, the first multiple times that you do something, it probably won’t be perfect. Take my spinning and knitting for example. Right now, both are full of lumps and bumps. But, I am having fun in the process of learning. If you can enjoy the process of learning, perfection will come with time.

Here is a ball of homespun wool, and my scarf in progress. It’s not perfect, but I’m having fun and learning in the process.

The same thing holds true with caring for and raising livestock, or a garden. Anything that takes skill, takes time. But the process of learning itself can be quite enjoyable. Give it a chance. A real chance. Not just trying something a few times.

As a violinist, I know how hard it can be to learn something. However, if you are determined enough, you can develop the skill. When I first began playing violin, I was tone deaf and dyslexic. I had a violin teacher quit on me and tell my family that I would never make a musician. However, like the Vikings of the movie, How to train your dragon, I had and still have some serious stubbornness issues.

Between my stubbornness, and my parents help  in finding a new teacher, I did eventually develop the skills I needed to become a violinist.


Was it ever easy? Certainly not! Oh, but it was so worth it in the end! You’ll find with the skills that you wish you could develop, that it will likely be the same. Perhaps not easy, but certainly worth the battle!


Until next time I get a chance to write,

Emily McLaughlin

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