December on the farm

Bravo Guerrero and Dad
Guerrero on the left and Bravo, his dad on the right. They preferred being out with people and animals even though they have the option of the barn.

Right now the weather has cooled off. Life on the farm is in one of it’s interesting stages thanks to the goats. Most of the does go in heat during this time of year, and the bucks stink. Our milk production is slowing down and the does are starting to dry up.

We can tell when the does are in heat when they start butting heads a lot, and wagging their tails quite a bit. If they are able to get close to the buck pen, of course, they will display quite a bit of interest in him.

In a few months, we will be having goat kids be born. It makes dealing with our buck worth it all. This is one of last years little does. I look forward to seeing who arrives this next year.Cafecita

Aside from the goats, right now is firewood season. We have been splitting and stacking wood for about 2-3 months now. Our home is primarily heated by a wood stove. We find that with living where ice storms are common, having a second method of heating the house is very important. Plus, not only do we need to be sure to have more than one way of heating the house, but we have found that we have some problems with central heating and our health when we use central heating.

Ice storm emergency preparedness picture
One of the spectacular ices storms that has hit our farm in the past.

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