To protect and to serve

Commando guarding
One of the Anatolian crosses doing what livestock guardian dogs love to do! He watches everything.

Back in September, I brought home a new colt. Just a few nights ago, I was listening to the howling of coyotes just off of our homestead. However, even though little Captain is being kept at night in a pen so I can feed him extra since he is growing so fast, and his pen would be accessible to coyotes, I am not terribly worried. Why? Because of  our livestock guardian dogs.

This is my new baby that I just brought home. This was taken of him during the summer when he wasn’t weaned yet.




These guys are livestock guardian dogs. They are Anatolian Shepherds and very good at keeping predators away from all of the live stock, Captain included. Llana in particular has decided that Captain is her baby. He’s her special charger and no coyote is touching her baby! Llana is our baby specialist, although all the dogs love baby anythings! Last year, our goats kidded when we were at work, and when I came home, the dogs had to escort me out to the barn to show me their new charges. They were so excited about their new kids!



When we first looked into getting livestock guardian dogs, we went with a great pyrenese who we loved dearly. Unfortunately, Guardian had two big flaws. First, he was a great disapearanese. He had a wandering habit. He was often spotted up to five miles from the homestead. The other issue we had with him that ultimately cost him his life was his penchant for chasing cars and ability for jumping fences.

After the sad loss of Guardian, we started investigating other breeds and decided to try Anatolians. We now have two Anatolians and our dear adopted Llana the pyr cross that a neighbor asked us to dog sit, and then unexpectedly the neighbor passed away. We ended up being given Llana by his relatives. I think, since she has Kommondor, and is a female, she is not inclined to wander. A fact, for which we are ever grateful.

Do you have livestock guardian dogs? What made you chose your breed?

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