Arabian Jasmine


As the fall has started setting in and the temperatures have been dropping on the farm, I have started thinking about teas that I like again. During the winter, I try to keep a collection of varieties around to help warm me up when I come in from working with the animals.

One of my favorite teas is Jasmine. I first started paying attention to that one when my sister found the idea for the dog waterer for her boxer, Penny who is Baran’s sister. When Keli got the things she needed together to do a dog waterer, she chose Jasmine as the plant to plant around the water dish.

A few months after she had shown me what she had done, I flew to the state of Washington to visit my brother and sister in law. I had always been more of a fruit tea person than a dark tea or herb tea person. But, when I was in Washington, I was introduced to Jasmine tea and loved it.

When I returned to the homestead, I started doing some research on the herb because I wanted to grow it. It can be used as an indoor plant like my sister is doing, but it needs to have it’s roots lightly covered. It’s supposed to also be good for moisturising skin. I found several really good articles on the plant as I was investigating, and I probably will grow it eventually once I have more shelving in my home. I’ve recently moved and my house isn’t quite ready to put the whole quantity of herbs that I want to grow in there. I’m still researching and dreaming. Here are a few of the articles I found on Arabian Jasmine:

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