A plant buried with the dead


I was recently trying to find an herb that could be grown indoors in a pot with my dogs’ water bowl in it. I have a boxer and a terrier so it was important that not only did I come up with something to cut back on the amount of water on my floor from my boxer Baran’s exuberant style of drinking, but also try to make it a useful pot that Baran could simply water with his mess. Then too, there was the fact that it obviously needed to be dog safe. After some research, I came up with basil.

The professional water dish slosher himself! This is Baran. He’s a 2 year old boxer.


I found out that basil can be grown in pots, and it is well suited to my sunny home. It likes the warmer temperatures that I like, and needs rich, moist soil. It’s a delicious herb with a rich history. It was buried with the dead in India, Greece, and Egypt to speed their way into the afterlife. It was also used as a healing herb in India. It is used to treat stress and to treat the flu. I was amazed at the quantity of things that the basil is good for. I’ve actually wondered if basil might not have been an inspiration for athelas in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. I’m a little skeptical without seeing research backing all of the things that basil is supposed to be good for, but I know that just on nutrition level alone, it’s good stuff.

The first picture in this post was of a basil plant with flowers. This picture is a side view of another basil plant.

If you want to read more on the plant, here are some great sources to go check out:






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