Home grown tea plant


It has been a crazy last few weeks. Hopefully, I should be able to post more often now. In Mexico, when I was growing up there, we used a particular plant for both a cold drink and a hot drink. That plant is called Jamaica in Mexico and is a type of hibiscus called Rosselle for English speakers.



Interestingly, when I was looking at more information on the plant, since my family grows Roselle to use for tea, I learned that medicinally, Roselle was used for fever, cough as well as high blood pressure. I knew about willow bark for fever but had no idea that Roselle could be used that way too. Apparently, some people eat hibiscus as a snack. I hadn’t heard of that before. You can hop on over to https://waterdogfarms.com/our-favorite-recipes/roselle-hibiscus-recipes/ to see some different recipes that they posted about. I though it was pretty cool.

This plant does get pretty tall. Rosselle is also called Hibiscus.  Here is George with a Hibiscus plant in the garden.



If you would like to read more on this plant, here are some articles that I had found very interesting when I was learning about the plant myself.




3 thoughts on “Home grown tea plant

  1. I am planning to make Roselle Jelly soon. I will use those pink balls you see on the plant. First I take the seeds out. Then I use the outer part called the calex to make tea and jelly. It’s really easy to dry and store for later use. This is really good for your kidneys as well. All that aside, it’s just plain delicious!


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