Unexpected healing

Sir LoinAbout a month ago, our young steer caught the attention of my barrel pony.

Quiniqui, being the fun loving horse that he is, and having a history of working cattle a little bit in the past, thought Sir Loin looked like great fun! He gave chase, and Sir Loin tried to take refuge from my pursuing pony. He tried to go straight up the cattle chute into a pen behind the barn. One little problem though. Sir Loin caught a horn on one of the sides of the cattle chute. He didn’t stop. The horn was broken off and he was bleeding. We didn’t completely remove the broken horn though. We figured it would fall off on it’s own and Sir Loin was upset as was without trying to have the horn removed.Crooked horn view from above

Fast forward to a month after Sir Loin’s pony incident and we have one healed up, albeit lopsided horn on the steer. He’s back to butting everything…except that pony!

You can see here that the horn healed just like a broken bone. It’s not straight, but hey, it’s not hurting now either and it doesn’t look like he’s going to loose it.


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