A bitter treatment


When most Christians think of the plant wormwood, they probably think of the verses in Revelations 8:10-11. But did you know that wormwood is a good thing to have in your cupboards for illness?

There are a few different varieties of wormwood. All of them are pretty nasty tasting as a tea, but they will cure stomach problems pretty quickly. Recently, I had the idea to tell you about wormwood, because we’ve had a stomach bug hit our place a few weeks back. It made me have diarrhea pretty badly. So, I made this lovely big, bitter pot of wormwood tea!

Wormwood tea

It was actually not all that bad, since I was sick. If I hadn’t been feeling miserable, it wouldn’t have appealed to me at all. But, within a few cupfuls of this tea, I was finally feeling better.

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