Surprise of the livestock guardian dogs


It’s been a very busy last month. We’ve had several surprises in the last month.

When I got home  from work , I was greeted by some ecstatic Anatolians and one ecstatic Pyrenees/Kommondor cross. They didn’t let me go to house with my bag like I normally do. They made it clear that they had something they wanted to show me. They danced ahead toward the barn and when they thought they’d lost me, they danced back my direction. Especially our white girl Llana. She looked like she was floating on air!

As I got to the barn, I looked inside. All the goats seemed quiet enough. It had been a rainy day here so they had all gone into the barn. All of a sudden, it dawned on me that one of the does had an umbilical cord hanging from her rear. There had been a birth. She was standing quite contentedly eating hay, not at all concerned about having had a kid. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure if it was alive. It curled up in a pile of hay, and it was breathing so shallowly. But, when the dogs and I went to it, it lifted it’s head and bleated. The little brown goat kid was alive! First kid of the year!Stewie


I took it to the house to get it a bottle of colostrum and deal with the umbilical cord. It turned out to be a buck. The dogs were so excited that they had a baby to look after. My dad told me that the colostrum was still frozen that was left over from last year. Drat! That meant that before I could feed the buckling, I had to go milk the doe. So back out I went.

As I walked back into the pen with mamma, I noticed something that caught me off guard. She had acted done with labor and her baby had been dry when I found him, but now, I was seeing 8 legs. Another one! I swooped in and took this one to the house too.


I texted my dad and let him know that Consentida had two kids. A very buckish looking buck, and a very refined baby.

I was so busy getting colostrum ready that I didn’t stop to check. I told dad we had a buck and a doe. Our babies are bottle fed, so  I had to prepare their bottles of colostrum. Later, I noticed after I fed the babies that the “doe” peed from the center of it’s belly. Uh oh! I took a look and sure enough! My refined “doe” is the proud owner of a pair of testicles! How embarrassing! Before the day was over, we had a total of 5 babies from 2 does. We have 2 doe kids and 3 buck kids.

They are about a month old now, and started to explore the great outdoors.

Dancing baby goat




3 thoughts on “Surprise of the livestock guardian dogs

    1. What breed is your favorite? Ours are actually La Mancha/Nubian/Toggenburg/Saanen crosses that are almost pure La Mancha by this point because we’ve only been buying La Mancha bucks for a long while now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aha! That makes sense. Nubians are actually my favorite. I grew up with them and love their crazy personalities… even if a few of them get LOUD. It’s funny, the ones I grew up with weren’t that bad, but I have a lady right now… gosh, I think she yells the whole day long. I’m really hoping her kids aren’t as loud. Jeez.


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