Raising chicks

baby buckeyeRight now, our farm has the beginnings of new life starting to run around. In one shed, we have a single chick with it’s mamma. In the pasture, all the does are heavy with kid. They should be kidding in the next week or two. At least a lot of them will. Brace yourselves! Here comes gobs of posts with pictures of adorable goat kids! This is one from last year in February. His name is Oakley and he ended up being the only wether from our flock to go to a new home. Usually we keep and eat wethers. Not this guy!

Oakley at birth

In the meantime, we have a bunch of eggs in the house in an incubator. We raise Buckeye chickens and so we will be having a hatch of little Buckeyes in the near future. We raise our birds as straight run, so we get both boys and girls in one hatch. It’s called a hatch when it’s a group of chicks all hatched out at once. It’s a clutch when it’s all the eggs that one hen has laid. A hatch can be from many hens.

When our chicks are about 4 months, the boys start making odd noises. They are trying to crow but can’t control their voices very well yet. Buckeyes tend to be late at maturing. Here is a youtube video that is a great example of what trying to crow may sound like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMdl7PC03nU

Ours tend to sound like they have something stuck in their throat. We chose the Buckeye chicken because they are nice layers but have a lot of meat on their bones. Plus they are gentle so you don’t spend a lot of time chasing them around when you need to catch one.

These are Buckeyes! Buckeye hens and rooster

How about you? What made you choose your breed of chicken?

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