Saving milk for Winter



Have you ever considered trying to save some of the extra goats’ milk that your goats produce during peak season in order to be able to use it in the winter when there is none?


I know that for us, our goats sometimes produce more milk than we can use. Of course, sometimes there is the option to sell, but you do need to know the law on that before you start doing that. I’ve also heard of some people canning goats milk to save it for later. Our farm does something different.

During peak season when we have more than we can use, we bottle up the extra, and freeze it. We could choose to buy our milk in the winter, and sometimes we do end up doing that. During peak production, we make cheese, and yogurt as well as drinking the milk. But, we do have several very high producing does, and in the winter, they do dry up. So, to try to buy as little milk as we can, we put the extra that doesn’t go into cheese or yogurt, into the freezer in half gallon or gallon jugs.


In the winter, we take a bottle out when we need one, allow it to thaw, shake it and begin using it. The milk will have separated if you don’t shake it, but the milk hasn’t gone bad. It just needs to be shaken. We also freeze extra colostrum from our does after they kid. That way, if we have kids the next year that need colostrum faster than we can get momma milked, we have some on hand to give. In the spring time, if we have the money, we like to buy a calf. Any milk that is left over from winter, goes to feed the calf. Something to keep in mind though, is that frozen milk is good for only 3-4 months.

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