Raising Roses

Queen Elizabeth rose

For many years now, I have grown and loved roses. However, I have always bought my roses as rose sticks which are rose plants that have lost their foliage in the winter time. This year, I am finally going to get to do something different.

For four years, I have been trying to get my rose plants to grow a seed pod like this one:

Rose seed pod

Four years ago, My favorite rose plant grew one. I was so excited! But, it grew it near the path. I had company over a few days later, and…you guessed it…..the seed pod was plucked prematurely. So I wasn’t able to harvest any rose seeds four years ago.


This year though, one of my roses created a seed pod again, and no one picked it prematurely! So, last week, I cut it off of the plant. This is what the opened seed pod looked like:

opened rose seed pod

I’d never gotten to see the inside of one before.

Rose seeds
The rose seeds

I will be planting theseĀ  in a clear salad container and putting them in an area with a northern exposure. Hopefully, in March, I will have little rose plants ready to transplant. They will be cross bred roses because I don’t have two of the same kind of roses. So, each rose will be unique and it will be a case of rose surprise on what the flowers look like.

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