To keep them safe

Commando and Llana
Commando isn’t headless or dead. He’s just a goof ball and this is how he likes to sleep.

Well, we spent our New Years Day doing something a little unusual. For years, we have had problems with our livestock guardian dogs chasing cars. We do live out in the country, but unfortunately, we live on a paved road. That means that we have plenty of traffic.

We really do need the dogs though because we have bears and coyotes and mountain lions in our area by way of mammal predators. Avian predators, we have eagles and owls. So, the dogs really do help keep our animals safe. They even guard our small dogs to make sure that no large bird carries one off. Pixie is the rat terrier on the left. Belle is the senior beagle on the right.

We’ve tried using a variety of methods to retrain our dogs to not chase cars. Unfortunately, we’ve found the the Pyrenees and Pyrenees mixes seem to always go after cars. Anatolians won’t, unless you have a Pyr mix as well.

One of the methods that we tried to use to break them of the habit, aside from letting them out for a while only when we could watch them, and scolding if they started after a car, was we did resort to trying a shock collar to save their lives. We’ve lost 2 dogs to cars in ten years. Bravo in the picture below, was one of them. We’ve never really gotten over losing him.

Bravo Guerrero and Dad
Guerrero on the left and Bravo, his dad on the right. They preferred being out with people and animals even though they have the option of the barn.

Fencing with a regular fence doesn’t work. The dogs jump it. The shock collar did get their attention, but our Pyr/Kommondor mix learned that if she doesn’t bark and only chases when we can’t see her, she doesn’t get a correction.

So, this New Years Day was spent working on installing an invisible fence which we really, really hope works.

We suspect it will, judging by their reaction to the shock collar. It will take training to teach them where the fence line is, but the result if trained correctly, will be wonderful. Our goal is to keep our dogs safe so they can keep the livestock and us safe.

Commando guarding
One of the Anatolian crosses doing what livestock guardian dogs love to do! He watches everything.

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