Homemade probiotic

Kefir grains
My family likes to make or raise our own probiotic foods. We’ve learned to make greek yogurt from goat’s milk. We also have learned to make another type of probiotic called  Kefir. We not only use it for ourselves, but we’ve found that it is helpful for ruminants and even our dogs digestion. I’m a boxer lover and have had a long line of boxers in my life. Boxers, however, are prone to sensitive stomachs. I found with the last one I had, who passed at the age of 12, that feeding Bruno, Kefir, seemed to help his stomach be a little more settled.
In order to create Kefir, you’ll need to get Kefir grains from someone who has a start. The picture at the start of this blog is of Kefir grains. Then, once you have grains, you’ll need to put 1-2 soup spoons worth of those into a quart of milk and cover it lightly so the kefir can breath and develop. Let it sit out of the fridge at room temperature for a day. Then strain the grains out and use the Kefir. You probably would like it better if you chill it in the fridge for a while first.  It looks a lot like yogurt when it’s been strained, and the grains have been taken out and put in fresh milk. It’s very good stuff! When I’ve had it, I like mine with a little sugar in it. Some of my family members prefer to sweeten it with honey.

Once you’ve strained the grains out of the kefir, put them in  a fresh quart of milk and repeat the process. You can put the jar in the fridge  for a few days if you don’t want to drink it right away. Just keep in mind that it will get tart if it’s left in the fridge too long. If you prefer, the grains can be frozen instead. Put two soup spoons of the grains per freezer bag, with a little milk in the bags. They can be kept frozen for years.

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