A day for making soap

IMG_6836My family makes our own soap. Sometimes we make goat’s milk which is my favourite, and other times, we make soap like the one I made today. The soap I made today is 19th century soap.


I made one batch of lavender, and one batch of peppermint soap. The one big thing I have to say about soap making when you are making lye soap, is be very careful with anything that has lye in it. I made the mistake of adding water to the lye while my face was still over the pitcher. Bad idea! It about shut down my breathing and my eye sight for a few minutes. I’m ok now, but that’s a mistake I won’t make again. I also did get some lye soap on my skin while I was working. The way to stop the burning is to put white vinegar over the spot that got splashed. That neutralizes the lye. This is what the lye looks like before it is put into soap after you’ve turned it into liquid form:

lye mixture
Once the soap is made, you need to let it set wrapped in towels in a warm place for two weeks so that the lye can supponify with the fat in the soap. This soap used coconut oil, olive oil and goat fat. This was what that looked like melted down and ready to mix with the liquefied lye:

Lard Coconut oil and olive oil

If soap making is something that you would like to learn to do, I would recommend this book:

It’s what my family uses in our soap making. I love being able to control what goes into my soaps. We uses lighter scents or no scent in our soaps most of the time. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be careful about scents.

I was very excited recently though because I got 3 trays of a new mold. Horse soap, here we come!IMG_6841IMG_6850

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