Mystery of the lost dogs

One of the Anatolian crosses doing what livestock guardian dogs love to do! He watches everything.
One of the Anatolian crosses doing what livestock guardian dogs love to do! He watches everything.

Last week two of our three livestock guardian dogs disappeared. My heart sunk when they did not return to the farm after two days. Right now, hunting season is in full swing for bow hunting and I was afraid that some annoyed hunter might have shot the two missing dogs. (By the way, I am not anti hunting. I do love deer meat.) Several days had passed and still no dogs. I was getting ready to write the dogs off as having been stolen or killed. More likely killed.

We had some friends of ours coming for a visit that Saturday. Flea from Jones Natural Chews Co. always has dog treats on her. Saturday morning, one of the dogs came back over the hill to the farm. No sign of the older dog though. Just as Flea and her husband pulled in, the other dog made a very happy go lucky appearance. The treat lady had arrived and he had to be sure to be present when she was.

My family and I were delighted to see these guys but we wondered where were they for the past several days? Did they camp on a gut pile from a hunter? A neighbour of ours finally gave us an answer. Our dogs had decided to guard a couple of fawns that had gotten caught in a hog pen.

The fawns our dogs were guarding.

The dogs were going to make sure that the babies weren’t going to be eaten by any predator while they were helpless. Once the fawns were discovered in the pen, and dogs and fawns were released, the dogs escorted the fawns until they were sure that the babies were going to be safe, and then deeming that job to be finished, they came home to the farm to check on the other animals (and no doubt see what Flea had brought them). They get so excited about the goodies from Jones. You can go see their blog here:

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