Drying crops and planting crops


This time of year, on our farm, we are doing fall planting. Lettuce, garlic, spinach, kale, basically cover crops such as Austrian winter peas. We are also digging up the sweet potatos. Another thing that we have started doing is dehydrating some of our produce. We can some of it, and dehydrate other things.

Just the other day, we were dehydrating onions. They can then be used in soup or anywhere else that dried onion is called for in a recipe. We have also gotten onions in the past that were left overs from big get togethers. The onions were just going to go to waste. So, we dehydrated them and used them over the next winter in soups and other foods.


The way that we dehydrate pretty much anything, whether it’s bananas, onions, apples, carrots or anything else that you would want to dehydrate, is first we cut the item we are going to dehydrate into thin slices.

Then, we put it in the dehydrator trays and check back in a few hours. Simple, easy, and will save you money. I personally love to dehydrate apples and then take them to work as a snack.

dried apples

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