An Odd Egg

The Odd Egg

When I was getting my breakfast this morning, I pulled an egg out of the refrigerator that was an an odd looking egg. It was covered in thick wrinkles all over it’s shell and it was extremely large. When I cracked that egg, I found that the shell was thinner than usual and it was a double yolker.


I didn’t know what causes the thin and wrinkled shell, so I asked my dad.

He said:

“The double yolk is simply formed because the hen’s body forms the shell (at very end of the egg making process) around two eggs, instead of just one. So, it is literally a double egg in a single shell. “Double yolkers” are favored by some consumers. But they never hatch. So, when a flock starts laying too many of them, the poultryman will have to start selecting for somewhat smaller eggs, from which to hatch.

The soft, thin, crinkly shell is probably because the hen has a problem with calcium formation. This could be a congenital thing, or it could be due to lack of calcium in the diet. We give oyster shell, so I don’t think it’s a deficiency.

Here’s a link.

I do know, that if a hen does this regularly, it’s good to eat her.”

I found this very interesting. I’d seen a few eggs like my oddity this morning but I had never really thought to ask what causes it. So, courtesy of my curiosity, there you have it!

I’m throwing in a picture of my begging terrier simply because she tried so hard to get into the pictures with the egg. I promised Pixie that I’d give her a spot in the blog by herself. She was reminding me of the seagulls from Finding Nemo. “Mine? Mine? Mine?”

Pixie wanted in on this blog, particularly if it meant that she got that double yolked egg!
Pixie wanted in on this blog, particularly if it meant that she got that double yolked egg!

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