Last night’s surprise

Buckeye hen with poult babyA few weeks ago, my family got some turkey eggs. We weren’t exactly sure when they would be hatching but we had them in the incubator. I wasn’t exactly expecting them last night. But, we had 8 baby turkeys hatch last night. They were so cute! Excuse the dirty bucket, but here is a picture of the bunch that was born last night.

The bunch in the bucketA single poult in the bucket

Dad didn’t have a turkey hen waiting for these babies, so we put them under a Buckeye chicken hen. She’s the bird pictured at the top of this post with a cute little turkey poult peeking out from under her.

Turkeys seem to be born suicidal. We usually loose about half of the babies that we hatch out. So far, a day after the hatch, we’ve already lost 2. That happened thanks to the fact that momma hen decided that turkey babies were not hers. she broke out of the pen where we had her and the babies, and the babies followed her out. She didn’t wait up. My dad had a time of it catching the babies that we were able to find. After he caught them, he put them back in the pen with momma hen. He then got the idea that this turkey hen might be willing to adopt the little ones.

Full grown henIt was pretty funny. When she was placed in the pen with the poults and the buckeye hen, all of a sudden, the buckeye decided that they were indeed her babies. No turkey was taking these chicks away from her. The nerve of us!

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