An Unexpected Visitor

Bullfrog having a soakYesterday, I was working on the chores late in the evening. As I started filling the water buckets, I found something that was a fun surprise. I had never seen a visitor like this one in a bucket before. Apparently, this bull frog decided to come soak and have a snack!

We periodically find neat finds like him because we use all natural ways to get rid of pests on our farm. Earlier this year, we found a type of subterranean frog that was the oddest frog I’ve ever seen. We uncovered that one when we were digging in the garden.

We also find other creatures, such as new born box turtles, or vine snakes that are as thin as my pinky finger but they are nice, helpful, shy snakes that eat bug pests.

I just thought I’d share this find. Tomorrow, I will be posting about our experience haying this fall. It was a rather unusual one.

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