Beating the Heat

IMG_6185Man, has it been hot lately! I’m so glad that my family has a few methods for beating the heat when you don’t have air conditioning. We have to live with that sometimes. We saved our money a while back though and did ourselves a huge favor by installing an attic fan. We’ll open all of the windows around the house and turn on the attic fan at night. Then, in the earliest hours of the morning, we close the windows and turn off the fan. Most of the cool stays in the house for most of the day thanks to the insulation.

Unfortunately, living on a working farm, you can’t stay in the house all day. So, what do you do to beat that obnoxious heat then? Well, we homestead in Oklahoma where it’s usually hot and humid. So, a trick that we’ve borrowed from the cowboys and improved on is this. Cowboys will soak a bandanna and tie that around their necks to help keep them cool. We one up that. We soak the bandannas the night before and freeze them. Voila! You will be wearing your personal air conditioning unit. The bandanna will thaw around your neck and drip nice cool water onto your shirt while you work. Make sure that you have lots of these bandannas frozen because they will warm up over time. Also, make sure that you drink lots and lots of water.

At night, aside from the attic fan, we will also, if it is really really hot, take a cold shower and put a fan on facing your bed. It will help you be able to sleep. This last tip will probably make you chuckle. I’m a dog person and I was trying to get ready to take my boxer and terrier to go test for their Canine Good Citizen titles. As I was preparing to go test, I investigated what I could do aside from shade and water to help keep the dog that was crated cool, on a hot Oklahoma summer day. I found that there are cooling mats for dogs that run about $45 for a medium sized mat. I picked one up to try with my dogs. I did some training in town and tried the mat with the dog that was not being worked at the moment, The dog wanted nothing to do with that mat! Shoot! Okay then! I am not one to waste my money. I noticed that the mat was indeed nice and cool if kept in the shade. It’s also gloriously squishy. Uh huh! You guessed it. On the really hot nights, the dog cooling mat has started ending up on MY bed, and let me tell you, that it works wonderfully!

So, do you have any tips for beating the heat that you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Beating the Heat

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love the dog mat on your bed!! Is it pretty much like those squishy bath mats? You can find them cheap at places like big lots and old time pottery. Want me to bring you another? And maybe try the frozen bandannas on the dogs’ necks.


    1. Hi Flea, I finally figured out that wordpress didn’t approve your comment when I told it to. What was the format that Chris had used in GIMP for pictures? My pictures are refusing to post. Thanks.


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