A Discovery

Yesterday, I made a fun discovery. I had just gotten back from riding my horses, and they were a sweaty mess after getting their every other day work out. As I went in search of the end of the hose to be able to hose horses off, I found something by the duck pool. It was a tiny pullet egg.

This is the pullet egg next to a full sized chicken egg.
This is the pullet egg next to a full sized chicken egg.

Pullet eggs are significantly smaller than a regular egg because they are the first egg that a bird lays. They are still good to eat, despite their tiny size. Sometimes, they don’t even have a yolk in them. After that first egg, all the rest of a chicken’s eggs will be much larger.

Speaking of interesting egg facts, did you know that there is a breed of chicken that lays blue, green and pink eggs? I first found out about this breed when I was a kid. My dad helped with a program that raised them. The chickens are called Ameraucana. There is one other breed of chicken that also lays coloured eggs. I think I’ll share a link that I found very interesting that talks about those two breeds and talks about the Easter egg chicken itself.
Oh, while I’m on the topic of eggs, there is a recipe that I love to make for breakfast that you might enjoy. You’ll need:
1 egg per person
1 teaspoon of sugar per egg
1 bowl
1 small bowl or shot glass

Step 1
Crack the egg and separate the yolk from the egg white
Set the yolk aside in the shot glass or small bowl

Step 2
Beat the egg white and the sugar together until they are quite frothy

Step 3
Add in the egg yolk and whip them together well

Step 4
Fry them up


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