In the Rose Garden

During the summer, I love to walk out into my flower garden and just breath in the smell of my rose plants. They have such a strong, lovely scent that gets picked up on the warm Oklahoma breeze and blown all across my yard. If you are like me, not only do you have an interest in gardening for food, but you probably would love to raise some flowers too. One of my favourites is the rose.

She’s really not as hard to grow as she seems. I have to admit though that there are times when I wonder if a rose I bought is going to make it. There are certain places that are riskier than others to buy your flowers from. I always try to buy from someone who has a money back guarantee if my rose fails to grow leaves.

I always buy my roses in twig form with the roots. I usually try to get them around March because earlier than that, and you have a much high chance that the rose won’t make it. Later than that, and the rose will have a harder time adapting. I got given a Pinata rose this year for my birthday which happens to be in March so it’s the perfect time for a new rose plant. All through the month of April, I kept going out to check on my newest rose.

No leaves. I was starting to worry that she might have been frozen and killed before I bought her. Then today, it finally happened! I went out to check on her. The weeds and grasses had invaded her space. It looked like she couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see the plant for all those nasty weeds. I garden with no herbicides. I like my friendly skinks, and toads who stay around if I don’t use pesticides.

Any way, I went back into the house because Oklahoma weeds are a force to be reckoned with and the ones growing where my rose bush was supposed to be, were very stickery. I came back out of my house wearing gloves and carrying my handy dandy machete. It was a work of just a matter of seconds, and hello! There she was in all her glory! The little piñata rose which will have orange, red and yellow flowers, had her leaves at long last.

I’m looking forward to seeing my rose garden blossom this year. I have a Blue Girl rose, a Queen Elizabeth pink climbing rose, a generic yellow rose. Then there is my red rescue rose.Why is it named the red rescue rose?

I was working as a janitor one summer at a university in Arkansas. As I was collecting trash one day, I noticed that one of the ladies had been given a bouquet of roses. After her roses wilted, she threw the stems away. The leaves were nice and crisp on the stems still. I felt badly that the rest of the plant was going to go to waste. So, I took just a small piece of stem about 5 inches long with lots of leaves, and wrapped the freshly cut stem in a wet napkin. I then covered that with a plastic baggie.

I took that home with me and put it in a pot with miracle grow potting soil and watered it. I then covered it with clear plastic. I think it was 6 weeks of keeping the soil wet before I removed the plastic for good. I was able to plant my red rose in my garden in 2010 and it has been giving me beautiful red roses for the past 5 years. Not bad for a piece of plant that no one else wanted!

One of the things that I’m looking forward to with my rose plants, is eventually making tea with rose hips. Mmmm! So good!Queen Elizabeth

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